Imagine PeaceFest 2011

IMAGINE PeaceFest is about people working together across international boundaries, using virtual and real-world venues to promote the amazing work of real-world organizations. We work together for a better world, with a focus on peace, human rights and justice for all.

All donations will go to three non-profit organizations:

– The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA);
RAWA works to address human rights abuses against women in Afghanistan, and have been doing so since the 1970’s. This is a well-established organization that was established by women to tell the difficult, brutal stories of abuses, and to work for political and social change. More about RAWA:

– The Rural Economic and Agricultural Development Agency (READA) in Cambodia; This group of 15 people are working to address the needs of the poorest people in rural Cambodia. Education, sustainable farming techniques, hygiene and methods to secure clean water are all part of their effort to empower people to escape poverty. More about READA:

– the One Laptop per Child initiative, providing key hardware and software to provide education to those who need it most! Their mission is to empower the world’s poorest children through education, and they have a very interesting program of providing low-cost, low-power laptops with learning games and content to communities around the world. More about One Laptop per Child:

This event is brought to you by The IMAGINE Network and the Peace Train Charitable Trust (a 501 c 3 public charity in the U.S.)

The Peace Train Charitable Trust

The IMAGINE Network



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