20 11 2011

Festival Arrangers:  Apmel Goosson, Artistide Despres, Bushido Fretwerk, Cat Boucher,  Georg Janick, Gwampa  Lomu, Jana Kyomoon,  Josina Burgess, Kandinsky Beaumont, Liz Harley, Pet Karu,  TheDove Rhode, Trill Zapatero,  Velazquez Bonetto, Warpy Centaur, Widget Whiteberry

Festival Artists:
For Art Auction –  bullet Admiral, CHIDI, Coin Hammerer, Gracie Kendal, Gwenette Writer, Indido Jashan, Ingrid Manen, Rebeca Bashly, Trill Zapatero
For New Caerleon – Artistide Despres, Gary Kohime, Glyph Graves, Harter Fall, Lollito Larkham, Penelope Parx, Pixels Sideways, Sowa Mai, Typote Beck, Ub Yifu
For Solace – Second Renoir, Trill Zapatero
For Carp – Bryn Oh, Dancoyote Antonelli, Glyph Graves, Igor Ballyhoo,  Josina Burgess,  Merlino Mayo,  shellina Winkler, Velazquez Bonetto,  Werner Kurosawa & Music: junivers Stockholm, Noizz Papp
For Imagine Nest – AuraKyo Insoo

Festival Musicians: AcousticEnergy Nitely, Avantgarde Frequency, ColeMarie  Soleil, Cylindrian Rutabaga, DRUM,  GaGo Gigamon, Gina Stella,  Jana Kyomoon, Louis Volare, Max Kleene, Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth, Pol Arida, Reis and Aldo Alter, Russell Eponym.

Festival Speakers: Dr Andrew Wallace, Delia Lake, Sandra Bérard, Avedon Carol and Sam Seder

Festival Poets & Drama Performers: The Imaginals, Kueperpunk Kohonen, Talkwithmemarie Resident, Unity Dance Productions

Festival Core Group: Cotton Thorne, Tonks Akina, Gwennette Writer (for Peace Train) & Any1 Gynoid, Junivers Stockholm, Medora Chevalier (for Imagine Network)



13 11 2011

Nicholas Schoffer Tower. Builder Velazquez Bonetto. Music by Noizz Papp

Emoticon - music by junivers Stockholm


Alien Bolero - music by Ravel, arranged by junivers Stockholm

The Universe is a Green Dragon

12 11 2011

By Brian Swimme

“The human provides the space in which the universe feels its stupendous beauty. The universe shivers with wonder in the depths of the human. Do you see?”

“Did you think the universe went to fifteen billion years of work to create you if there was not a particular function that you – and only you – could do? The creative powers residing in you will be evoked in time for the work they were created for.”

“Love is a word that points to this alluring activity in the cosmos. This primal dynamism awakens the communities of atoms, galaxies, stars, families, nations, persons, ecosystems, oceans, and stellar systems. Love ignites being.”

Reading held at Imagine Nest, created by AuraKyo Insoo

Thoughts at 11.11 on 11.11.11

11 11 2011

Medora Chevalier










The time has finally arrived
For our world to come together as one.

Centre yourself on the moment and
Bring your thoughts to a loving place.

Join our heads, hearts and hands together to create a ripple effect
For all to feel across the world.

In this moment of peace and love
Let realisation of the awakening that is happening
Around the world
Join our heads and hearts and hands now!

With a peaceful mind picture Mother Earth
Surround our planet with loving energy
Embracing all creation in the universe

Send your loving healing energy with every breath
And trust that all your loving intentions
Are being heard and felt
By every living being in the world

Let go of any fears
And trust that by the love and peace we are creating
We are helping each other to heal within
And working for our Planet’s healing.

Deeply from our hearts
Thank you for sharing this moment

Love and peace worldwide!
I love you

From World Meditation for 11/11/11 by the Awakening Code