Imagine Peace at Solace Island

13 11 2011


Pol Arida

Solace Island celebrates

Dancing to Drums


IMAGINE PeaceFest Poetry Slam

13 11 2011

Red at Poetry Slam









Imagine,  child,
How foolish we once were.
Having low opinion of ourselves!
That we would ALWAYS fight
We would compete
And some would die
And some would kill
And some would starve.
Our thoughts were prisons
Blocking all our hope!
Imagine, child
How foolish we once were!

Imagine, child,
How difficult it was
Back then,  for those
Who said that “This is all wrong
This must change!”
Those first imaginers
Who dreamt the future.
Some were cut down,
Some ideas were killed
Some mocked into silence
And some dreams starved of life.
Imagine, child
How difficult it was!

Imagine, child,
How hope began to grow
When we connected up
Across the world.
When we found others
Working for the change
Ended divisions,
Dropped competition, nationality, money stuff
And shared our talents freely,
Shared our dreams.
Imagine child
How hope began to grow!

So look around you, child,
And see our world – so wonderful!
Our people good and loving,
All the beauty they create,
And how our minds play with ideas.
We keep our gardens lush and thriving.
Yes, we came through!
Imagine, child
That step we took together
To come to this beauty
We took the walk of union
We won this future!

CC Medora Chevalier

Dafthouse Art Aunction & World Dance Party for Imagine PeaceFest

13 11 2011

Art Auction & carnival at Dafthouse

World Dance Party

Why Dont We Have Peace? Discussion with Dr Andrew Wallace

13 11 2011

Speak Easy Talk

A discussion at Four Bridges SpeakEasy with Dr Andrew Wallace

Research Engineer from HUMLab, Sweden

Author: Technocracy: Building a new sustainable society for a post carbon world. New book due out soon

Points raised during discussion

Our evolutionary baggage of hunter gatherers competing for scarce resources influences our idea of “scarcity” in a time of real abundance. The money to be made from war and post war rebuilding is fuels conflict.

The Internet is a distributive system. Millions of local groups are networking together cooperatively to learn and share ideas and inspiration. This is becoming more and more urgent. We will need to have so many interconnections that there is plenty of “redundancy” in the system. We could face a sudden “phase change” in our social and economic system. We need to have alternatives tested and trialled.

There is not one organisation or leader – it is important to keep this a distributive, invisible leadership

“The wicked leader is he who the people despise. The good leader is he who the people revere. The great leader is he who the people say, ‘We did it ourselves” — Lao Tzu


World Network

The Great Transition

Global Scenario Group


Transition Towns

Twin Oaks Communities

Social Phase Changes

Eco Villages

Trobriand Island Kula Ring culture of ritual exchange

China in Africa

Decline in violence – Steven Pinker’s Better Angels of our Nature

Check out some online presentations here


Imaging Peace at Key West 2

13 11 2011

Peaceful Key West

Gina Stella

Imagining Peace at Key West

13 11 2011

Avantgarde Frequency

Key West hosts Imagine PeaceFest

Maximilion Kleene

Talk about the work of READA in Cambodia at Virtually Speaking

13 11 2011

Sandra Bérard of Cambodia READA talks with Peace Train’s Steve Mahaley

The Rural Economic and Agricultural Development Agency (READA) in Cambodia; This group of 15 people are working to  address the needs of the poorest people in rural Cambodia.  Education, sustainable farming techniques, hygiene and methods to secure clean water are all part of their effort to empower people to escape poverty.

More about  READA:

Hear the interview on BlogTalk Radio 244 listens so far