20 11 2011

Festival Arrangers:  Apmel Goosson, Artistide Despres, Bushido Fretwerk, Cat Boucher,  Georg Janick, Gwampa  Lomu, Jana Kyomoon,  Josina Burgess, Kandinsky Beaumont, Liz Harley, Pet Karu,  TheDove Rhode, Trill Zapatero,  Velazquez Bonetto, Warpy Centaur, Widget Whiteberry

Festival Artists:
For Art Auction –  bullet Admiral, CHIDI, Coin Hammerer, Gracie Kendal, Gwenette Writer, Indido Jashan, Ingrid Manen, Rebeca Bashly, Trill Zapatero
For New Caerleon – Artistide Despres, Gary Kohime, Glyph Graves, Harter Fall, Lollito Larkham, Penelope Parx, Pixels Sideways, Sowa Mai, Typote Beck, Ub Yifu
For Solace – Second Renoir, Trill Zapatero
For Carp – Bryn Oh, Dancoyote Antonelli, Glyph Graves, Igor Ballyhoo,  Josina Burgess,  Merlino Mayo,  shellina Winkler, Velazquez Bonetto,  Werner Kurosawa & Music: junivers Stockholm, Noizz Papp
For Imagine Nest – AuraKyo Insoo

Festival Musicians: AcousticEnergy Nitely, Avantgarde Frequency, ColeMarie  Soleil, Cylindrian Rutabaga, DRUM,  GaGo Gigamon, Gina Stella,  Jana Kyomoon, Louis Volare, Max Kleene, Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth, Pol Arida, Reis and Aldo Alter, Russell Eponym.

Festival Speakers: Dr Andrew Wallace, Delia Lake, Sandra Bérard, Avedon Carol and Sam Seder

Festival Poets & Drama Performers: The Imaginals, Kueperpunk Kohonen, Talkwithmemarie Resident, Unity Dance Productions

Festival Core Group: Cotton Thorne, Tonks Akina, Gwennette Writer (for Peace Train) & Any1 Gynoid, Junivers Stockholm, Medora Chevalier (for Imagine Network)


New Carleon Artists Imagine Peace #4

16 11 2011

Cradle Peace Penelope Parx

The Great Divide - Harter Fall

Survival of the Sleekest - Glyph Graves

IMAGINE PeaceFest continues!

14 11 2011

Dancing to Obe

Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth at Dafthouse

Cylindrian at Four Bridges


Louis Volare

Water wars?

14 11 2011
Delia Lake speaks on water crises


The Coming Crisis <a>
Water Scarcity

it falls
it falls away it falls through me
it crawls thru the very walls of my cells
in stasis it pulses
the life of me
it is the life of me

it drenches my bones
my muscles push
and it drips through my skin
the life of me
it is

this water
more so than sunlight
more so than soul
water is everywhere
within me
so I seek it
to submerge
I submit to my thirst
and drink deeply

stay satiated
stay wet
or my body cries out
my mouth is parched
my bones are brittle
my muscles are still
my skin hangs
the life of me
has run dry

the earth is parched
the sky is dry
and I am
dying of thirst

There are no lakes
the rivers fill the seas
with filth
and we walk
for miles to parched wells

what has become of
the life of me
the waters of my birth
the water that is
my wealth
had I only known
to treasure every drop
to keep the house of my earth clean
to save what I threw away
to share what I had
perhaps this desert
is a dream
and I will awaken
to a refreshing drink
and sip it slowly
ever so slowly
~Gwennette Writer~

Music ALL Music Peace Park with Jana Kyomoon

13 11 2011



Peace is a choice
that starts within
and spreads
the feeling
like a balm
of soothing calm
oozing out
from the inside
of you
and me

Across the seas
and through the blue
of this spinning ball
in time
and space
it wraps around
our global face

So close your eyes
and breath it in
and feel
one voice
say peace . . .

Peace is a choice

JaNa KYoMooN June 25th 2011

Listen to Peace is a Choice or download



of peace
into clouds
covering the earth

and underneath
we dance
and sing
a song
that reaches
into many lands
as peace is passed
through touching hands

JaNa KYoMooN 13th november 2011

BoHo HoBo presents Meena Fashion for RAWA

13 11 2011

Fashionistas await the new collection

Imagine Peace at Solace Island

13 11 2011


Pol Arida

Solace Island celebrates

Dancing to Drums