Full IMAGINE PeaceFest schedule for reference

16 11 2011

Throughout the festival

More than a “peace” of art auction!


RAWA: http://www.rawa.org/index.php
One Laptop per Child: http://one.laptop.org/
READA: http://readacambodia.org


This event is brought to you by The IMAGINE Network and the Peace Train Charitable Trust (a 501 c 3 public charity in the U.S.)
Friday November 11

11-12pm: Opening Ceremonies at RAWA, Four Bridges
12 – 1pm: Museum of Afghanistan Tour, Four Bridges

1 – 2pm: Kueperpunk Kohonen, Cyberpunk science fiction stage play! Cat’s Circus
2 – 3pm: Reis and Ald Alter, Cat’s Circus

REIS ALTER a SINGER with an UNIQUE VOICE and UNIQUE ORIGINAL REPERTOIRE sings LYRICS in English, Portuguese and French, with the charme of her TYPICAL BRAZILIAN VOICE,her repertoire is an intriguing blend of NEW TRIP HOP and ELECTRONICA. Tempo varies from quite DOWNTEMPO with BOSSA FLAVOR to fast BREAKCORE-derived and DRUM`n BASS styles. Aldo is an Italian who speaks Portuguese because he is very “into” Brazil.

5 – 6pm: Ga Go Gigamon! 7 Member Japanese band, Gwampa’s Castle

“It is why we play this concert; we all want the world at peace. This is a common desire for all person in all countries. Everywhere.

~~~Our performance playing rock music at “IMAGINE PEACEFEST’11″ . . . to know that our performances and music are from Japan and that somehow this small concert will be part of something bigger. It allows me to participate and give energy from Japan out for world peace.

~~~We put all of our creative energy into perfecting the music and technology of this performance for world peace. I want to work hard and see soon a time when all the people can unite into one, getting over the language barriers through music.
People land up above. You can then see signs. 人々は、上記の土を盛る。彼らはサインを見ることができる方法。


6 – 8pm: Unity Productions Imagine World Peace!
We all suffer from one heartache or another. This modern exodus story involves how we can overcome any obstacle in our lives with love and a strong support network. Losers banding together to form a community of hope, strength, brotherly & sisterly kindness and above all, love.


Saturday November 12

7 – 8am: Direct Democracy Workshop, Four Bridges N


8 – 9am: Universe is a Green Dragon, Imagine nest, Four Bridges

9 – 10am: Art Exhibition with DJ Gary Kohime! New Caerleon
10 – 11am: Art Exhibition with DJ Gary Kohime! New Caerleon

Art by so many amazing artists Imagining Peace – Artistide Despres, Glyph Graves, Pixels Sideways, Ub Yifu, Gary Kohime, Penelope Parx, Harter Fall, Typote Beck, Lollito Larkham, Sowa Mai

11 – 12pm: Russell Eponym, Peace is a Choice
12 – 1pm: Cole Marie, Peace is a Choice

and the artwork of Cherry Manga


1pm Metaverse Art RL exhibition
1.10pm The MANAX story
1.30pm Emoticon
2pm SL TLC
2.45pm New VJazz Show

3 – 4pm: IMAGINE PeaceFest Interview with Sandra Bérard of Cambodia READA w/ Peace Train’s Steve Mahaley

5 –9pm: Key West 4 hours of music

Max Kleene 5pm
Avantgarde Frequency 6pm
Gina Stella 7pm
AcousticEnergy Nitely 8pm


9 – 10pm: Tour of RAWA Museum of Afghanistan

Sunday November 13

6 – 8am: Discussion with Dr. Andrew Wallace , SpeakEasy, Four Bridges

8 – 10am: A World Dance Party with images and art from around the world at Daft House Den and Carnival

11 – 12pm: Poetry – open mic

12 – 1pm: Pol Arida, singer / songwriter, and artwork by Second Renoir & Trill Zapatero, Solace Island


POL Arida, mad, bad, thumping, screaming and without a doubt one of the most original artists playing second life. An experience that touches the heart and kills the clock. If you have never been….now is the time.

From Scotland this highly original musician plays mostly his own material, but has a stage presence to widen the eyes…and that’s not even the excellent songs, which have words to make you think and cry.

1 – 2pm: DRUM! Solace Island

We are the troupe ~DRUM~

We have a variety of different sets we play live including Taiko, Native American, African, Latin, East Indian, Mallet, Wall set and Rusty barrels

Members of the DRUM group have collaborated to create the unique sounds, drums, and animations that enable us to perform. Our performances are live and are subtly different each time – they are not pre-recorded music.

The sounds are created right within Second Life. We then send them out and back in via stream in order to provide you with a lag free experience!

Our drummers are:

Brigitte Kungler, DMom2K Darwin, Kell Babenco, Ladyslipper Constantine, Lorin Tone and atrebor Zenovka.

1 – 2pm: RAWA Boho Hobo Fashion Show

2pm-3pm: Jana Kyomoon, The music ALL music Peace Park

2pm-4pm RL event – Old Dominion University hosts IMAGINE PeaceFest Spoken Word night. Location: House of Blues at the Webb Center. Featuring:

Nita Hurt
Poetikk Justice
Neisha Purvis
Cassandra IsFree
Members from the Flowetic Movement Poetry Group

3pm- 4pm: Talk by Delia Lake on Water Crisis
at Virtually Speaking

4pm-6pm: More than a Peace of Art Auction

and 5pm Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth


6 – 7pm: Virtually Speaking Sundays with Avedon Carol and Sam Seder

7 – 8pm: Louis Volare

8 – 9pm: Cylindrian Rutabaga

Cylindrian Rutabaga is the virtual representation of Atlanta, GA singer/songwriter, Grace Buford. Over the years, she has released three albums, all of which are available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, & more. Her voice and musical style compares to that of Carole King and Tori Amos. She enjoys playing piano and guitar and trying different styles of performing cover songs and even rearranging some of her own songs. Drawing from the inspiration of life as it transpires around her and those she’s closest to influences her songwriting. She feels that Life is the greatest inspiration and music the perfect way to communicate.





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